Herbal Consultations

JoAnn Sanchez RH, AHG

Joann SanchezThrough mentorship and self-study, bibliophile and herbalist JoAnn Sanchez has procured livelihood as an experiential community Herbalist since 1979. She worked ten years in the natural foods industry as well as a dozen years in private practice. Currently in the 17th year as an educator of botanical medicine, JoAnn is adjunct faculty at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, teaching, consulting, and supervising the largest plant medicine garden in the valley.

She has authored and directs a 700 clock hour accredited Western Herbalism program taught at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. As owner of this two year training and Herbalism school, Botanica, JoAnn actively trains teachers as well as students in the fine art, craft and science of the developing American Herbal traditions.

At present JoAnn is continuing in service as an herbal educator offering one on one consultations and guidance to those looking for support with their health goals.

Initial Consultation: 90 minutes $100 – A thorough written and oral information gathering session that addresses and makes recommendations on three levels: lifestyle, dietary and herbal. A written protocol will be administered at this time. Alternative dispensing options discussed.

Follow-Up Consults: 40 minutes $50 – when needed to review protocol and results.

Call 480-595-2855 to schedule appointment.

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