Writing As A Yoga Practice

With Steve Price

What does yoga have to do with writing? As the Zen saying goes, how we do anything is how we do everything.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to apply the principles and techniques of yoga to make everything you write compelling and powerful. Through inspiring insights, examples and exercises, you will:

• understand creativity and language in the context of yoga
• distinguish the creator from the editor
• unblock writer’s block permanently
• befriend your monkey mind
• recognize and release old writing patterns
• broaden and deepen your content
• uncover fresh ways of seeing and expressing
• develop the discipline to finish what you start

Bring paper and a pencil or pen (no computers, please). We expect this thing to fill up quickly, so please register in advance at the front desk or call 480-595-2855.

Steve Price, a master-level yoga instructor, has had a daily writing practice for 25 years. He has won awards in fiction, poetry and advertising and has also published journalism and non-fiction. Steve has been teaching writing to elementary school and college students since 2003.

Members: $20         Non-Members:  $25