Turning Your World Upside-Down: Yoga Asana Inversions

With Rachel Albrecht-Rossi

In terms of yoga asana, inversions can be the most invigorating, exciting, intensely satisfying…and terrifying experiences on the mat. Moving safely and incrementally with towards and into an inverted experience is essential.

Inversions offer many physical, as well as emotional benefits, including increasing blood flow,  strengthening the immune system, helping with varicose veins and edema, regulating metabolism and  the thyroid, as well as helping with memory.

Join Rachel Albrecht-Rossi to learn how to safely move towards inversions through strength, flexibility, and alignment building asana, as well as preparatory poses designed to prepare the body and mind for being upside down. Whether you are new to inversions, and are looking for instruction and support to help move you towards this experience, or are experienced in going upside down, and are looking for refinements and the next step, this workshop is for you!

Come and learn to invert in a graceful, controlled, safe, and playful manner.

Rachel Albrecht-Rossi began her personal yoga journey almost 10 years ago as a “reward” for running and a way to relieve stress. Soon this “rewarding” experience became a way of life, as she became certified at the 500-hour level through Yoga Pura and Yoga Aliliance. Rachel has taught all ages and abilities of yogis and yoginis- from preschoolers to retirees, and everyone in between In addition, Rachel has helped to train and mentor many yoga teachers from the greater Phoenix area, in her role as a mentor for a valley teacher training program. Her classes blend her love of philosophy with integration of YOGA into everyday life, and she holds a special place in her heart for alignment and moving students safely into and out of posture. Rachel’s love of this practice, yoga, and her students are clearly evident in each class she teaches.

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