Transformational Writing with Steve Price

An Eight-week Series – $195

Each of us has something uniquely valuable to share. Writing is the practice of examining yourself and your life in a way that heals and transforms you and everyone who reads your words.

During these eight weeks, you’ll learn to apply the principles of yoga to establish a writing practice, hone your skills, and, if you’re willing, self-publish a book and promote it. You will:

• unblock writer’s block
• recognize and release old writing patterns
• broaden and deepen your content
• uncover fresh ways of seeing and expressing • develop the discipline to finish what you start

In addition to the eight workshops, you will receive feedback and individualized assignments via email. Space is limited to 15; please register in advance at the front desk or call 480-595-2855.

Steve Price, a master-level yoga instructor, has maintained a daily writing practice for 25 years. He has won awards in fiction, poetry and advertising and has published journalism and non-fiction. With an MFA in Creative Writing, Steve has been teaching writing since 2003.