New Moon Reiki Share with Deanna Evans

A Reiki share is an opportunity for Reiki practitioners of all levels to come together as a community to give and receive Reiki. Usually, there are enough practitioners to create group healings. This is when the receiver has the hands of several people working on him/her, instead of just the hands of one person, as in the traditional Reiki session. This generates a massive flow of Reiki energy, which can amplify and speed up the healing, leaving the receiver with an incredibly profound experience. They each take turns, working together, giving, receiving, sharing, learning,etc.

The New moon Reiki Shares will involve the whole group’s Reiki Energy to help manifest the personal intentions/wishes of each practitioner. We will explore different meditations and connect with each other on an energetic level.

Suggested Donation:  $10

All welcome regardless of ability to pay.