Intention in Action with Treasure

Year after year we set resolutions and we break them. Why?

Most of us have an idea of what we want but lack the clarity and vision of our true desire and how it will unfold in the upcoming year and ultimately, our lives.  Rarely do we take the time to tap into our higher vision thus missing the opportunity to make real and lasting changes.

In this workshop we come to understand the 4 Desires that our soul strives for and learn which of these desires we are meant to focus on for the upcoming year.  Working with the energy of the higher chakras, we move from a place of doing to a place of being, connecting with our true self. From this place of higher consciousness, we uncover our real intention for 2013 with the clarity and vision we need to see it manifest in our lives.

This workshop will include movement, breath work, meditation, journaling, visioning and a guided, deep relaxation. No yoga experience is required.

Members: $40  Non-Members;  $50