Holoenergetic Healing & Gong Vortex

with Ellen and Jere Freidman

Let the soothing vibrations of multiple gongs—along with powerful Holoenergetic® Healing processes—raise your awareness of your true Self, balance your energies, bring you into alignment with Universal Truth, and uplift your spiritual essence.

Ellen Friedman, P.T., M.A. is Arizona’s only certified practitioner of Holoenergetic® Healing. Ellen uses potent processes to guide you into wholeness. To learn more, visit www.healinghousecalls.com and www.laskow.net. Jere Friedman is a gong master whose unique gong vortex will envelope your body, mind, and spirit in healing and energizing vibrations. Visit www.gong2heaven.com.

By donation ($15 suggested)