Herbal Classes

With Botanica and JoAnn Sanchez

Wildharvesting – Medicine Making – Guided Plant Walks

 Saturday, March 30th   10am – 2:30pm     $55 plus $7 supply fee

Desert Herbalism:  Learn more about native medicinal plants that are right here in your desert.  We will start with a guided plant walk where we will identify plants, learn about their historical use by native peoples and how to effectively and respectfully wildharvest some of them. We will return to the studio for a hands-on medicine making session.  We will use the desert botanicals as ingredients to make an herbal salve to take home.

Sunday, April 27th  11:30 – 2:30pm    $45 plus $7 supply fee

Tea Time: An herbal tea experience.  In this session we will learn to make tea for pleasure and as medicine. We will explore the medicinal value of herbs used as teas, how to pair herbs for flavor and effectiveness and the skill for making formulas for pleasure and remedy. This will be like wine tasting – only with herbs.  Bring your favorite tea mug!

Saturday, May 17th,  12 – 4pm   $65 plus $9 supply fee

Herbal Tonics, Elixirs and Cordials: The art of old-fashioned remedies will be explored in this delightful hands-on medicine making class. We will explore recipes for great tasting and effective herbal brews with multiple products to take home.

JoAnn Sanchez – Through mentorship and self-study, bibliophile and herbalist JoAnn has procured livelihood as an experiential community Herbalist since 1979. She worked ten years in the natural foods industry as well as a dozen years in private practice. Currently, in the 17th year as an educator of botanical medicine, JoAnn is adjunct faculty at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, teaching, consulting, and supervising the largest plant medicine garden in the valley. She has authored and directs a 700-hour accredited Western Herbalism program taught at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. As owner of this two year training and Herbalism  school,  Botanica, JoAnn actively trains teachers as well as students in the fine art, craft and science of the developing American Herbal traditions.