Goddess Workshop, Book Signing and Spiritual Intuitive Readings

with Kamala Easton, PhD

Yoga Breeze Healing and Wellness Center is happy to host author, Intuitive and spiritual teacher Kamala Easton for a series of events.

Wednesday (7/17) – 9:00am – 1pm Book Signing 
Stop by the studio to meet Kamala and learn more about her new book – Autobiography of a Yogini: A Black Woman’s Love Affair with her Guru.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGINI tells the story of the author’s spiritual transformation and mystical and tempestuous 7-year relationship with one of the world’s most renowned gurus, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

“I have found Kamala  to be an informed and inspired teacher of yogic spirituality, particularly relating to the traditions of the Goddess.  She has studied her subject not simply academically but also experientially and brings in a great deal of personal insight and dedication into her work. She has a unique ability to inspire and to communicate with a diverse audience.”

– Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri), Director

American Institute of Vedic Studies


Thursday (7/18) – The Goddess Workshop
6-9pm $45 – Member   $55 Non-Member

Lakshmi – Goddess of Love, Beauty, Abundance & Bliss
The Goddesses of India: Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati represent archetypal powers – The power of the Divine Feminine, which lie dormant in us but need to be experienced, and brought into consciousness in our lives. Through discussion, heart focused Yoga, Breath and Mantra we will honor the divine essences of the Goddess Lakshmi.  Lakshmi represents the total unfoldment of ourselves, especially in the material realm.  She is the manifestation of love, beauty, wealth and joy into our lives. She is located in the Heart Chakra.


Friday (7/19) – Spiritual Intuitive Readings – by appointment
$108 ½ hr session or $175 1hr session (by appointment)

Kamala is able to immediately reveal the deepest issues of the heart.  She shares what is keeping you from living your highest life, what the causes are, and what you need to do to clear them.  Readings include information on relationships, business, finances, health and spiritual transformation.

Kamala Easton, PhD, a spiritual teacher, intuitive and creator of Embodying the Goddess, Embodying Spirit: Journey Towards Enlightenment and Divine Intervention for Weight Management Workshops is an educator, and spiritual teacher. A life-changing awakening in 1999 transformed Kamala from her 20 years in academia, including a Ph.D. in education from UCLA and a B.A. in psychology from UC Berkeley into the realization of her oneness with the Divine. She traveled and lived in India for 9 years, had an energy healing practice in Malibu, CA for many years, appeared on PBS and Discovery Channel and was a member of UCLA Medical Center’s Complementary Medicine Pediatric Pain Program. Dr. Easton is an acclaimed motivational speaker in both education and spirituality, and is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor.